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Merino Craft

Merino Craft Story

Graduating from genetics engineering in 2016, Mrs. Rania Khaled never knew she was about to step into a new path in her life as she discovered a strong passion for different fields of arts; such as painting and calligraphy, but her focus has always been toward the craft of crochet, which was the field she chose to establish her shop (Merino Craft), that offers the finest crochet products such as table runners, coasters and other beautifully knitted accessory pieces.

Being a crochet specialized project, Merino Craft was the name Mrs. Rania chose to call her shop referring to the Merino sheep from which the wool is made. This name is now the sweetest way of describing the wide variety of crochet products offered by the store.

Using the finest Turkish Alize yarns and Nako yarns, the store offers exceptional crochet products with exquisite modern designs, like toys, flowers, keychains, bookmarks, and many more beautiful hand-knitted pieces.

Producing any piece of crochet at Merino Craft might take from 3 days to a week, and it begins with choosing the design, then the implementation stage by following the steps of the design’s pattern until it takes its desired shape.

Like other projects in the handicrafts field, Merino Craft faced some difficulties related to the pricing and marketing process, which prompted Mrs. Rania to join Souqfann to showcase and market her products on a larger scale.

Hand-knitted in remarkable designs, Merino Craft's products are the perfect accessories to adorn your home interior. Have a look at them now!

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