Memeh's Home

Memeh's Home

Memeh's Home Story

Beginnings of “Memeh’s Home”

Childhood memories are an inseparable part of every person's life, and such memories were the starting point for the "Memeh's Home" project. "Memeh" is a sewing machine that belongs to Mrs. Reem Al-Qdah's grandmother, then her mother inherited it and started sewing some accessories for the house, after that she designed and sewed some pieces for friends and family members, and then Mrs. Reem Al-Qdah and her mother decided to expand the idea and turn it into a shop to become a source of income for their family.

Products Offered by “Memeh’ Home”

"Memeh's Home" store designs and produces high-quality home accessories that include; cushion covers, table runners, table lamp covers, coasters, candles, as well as canvas bags. The manufacturing process of such products includes selecting the appropriate fabric and accessories that fit the chosen fabric and then sewing them together to produce the most beautiful pieces that add an amazing and remarkable touch to the place where they are placed.

Future Plans of the Store

Despite some marketing challenges and difficulties facing the "Memeh's Home" store, Mrs. Reem Al-Qdah along with her mother want to develop the project to include making furniture pieces such as; chairs and sofas. They also seek to attract women working in the field of sewing and embroidery who wish to secure additional income for themselves.

Now you can decorate your home with the finest pieces made by "Memeh's Home" available at Souq Fann!

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Beginnings of “Memeh’s Home”Childhood memories are