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“Maxaim Art” Beginnings

The great experiences of Mr. Maxim Abdulkarim in various crafts and arts of the Levant region, its raw materials, and its history, in addition to the gift given to him by God as well as his works in carving the honorable Hilya paintings, were among the most important reasons that prompted Mr. Maxaim to establish his workshop “Maxim Art” in Amman, despite the limited financial capabilities. Mr. Maxaim moved with his family to Jordan, to escape the violence and war erupting in his country, as he did not want to become a victim or a part of this war.

Challenges Faced by “Maxaim Art”

Of course, Maxaim Art, like any crafts workshop, encountered some obstacles while producing these pieces of art. These obstacles were represented in the weak financial capabilities and financing of the production process, in addition to the absence of a real and constant market for the art and craft sector in Jordan.

The Social Impact of “Maxaim Art”

Artifacts were not the only products of Maxaim Art workshop. Mr. Maxaim always aims to spread love and peace through his craft. Therefore, he is always seeking to transfer his experiences to young people by participating in various volunteer initiatives that include training and empowerment programs.

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“Maxaim Art” BeginningsThe great experiences of Mr