Mamainer Story

“Mamainer” Store In Brief

✼ Just as she is a caring mother and a dedicated teacher, Nour Sakkijha understands to the full the true meaning of finding a high-quality and safe product that benefits all children and her children as well. Accordingly, she decided to start up her own initiative and project to combine all of these valued characteristics in one place.

Based on the reactions and behaviors of her children, she created her own products as she is working hard day by day in order to improve her products as much as she can.

No doubt that her products make us feel the vibe of her infinite passion. She strongly believes that it is very important to invest every moment of our children’s time in what is useful and enjoyable for them.

Challenges Faced By “Mamainer”

✼ The more challenges we face, the more we try to take an advantage of them. From here, Nour decided to invest in the challenges she faced during her life and start her own project after the death of her partner and husband as she had no choice but to depend only on herself to raise her children, achieve a source of income for her family, and play the role of their father and mother at the same time.

Indeed, Nour hopes that her project will expand and develop moment by moment. Thanks to your support and collaboration, her dream can become true by starting browsing her products now at Souq Fann!

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“Mamainer” Store In Brief✼ Just as she is a caring