Syrian Touches - M.I

Syrian Touches - M.I

Syrian Touches - M.I Story

With the aim of supporting Syrian women artisans, Souq Fann, in collaboration with Syria Livelihoods Program (SLP), funded by USAID, trained and mentored women artisans in Malikiyah City in Northeast Syria. 

Through the training, these women produced intricate designs through which they were able to create a path to a sustainable income and improved livelihood conditions. 

These products are a reflection of the hard work and dedication that these women artisans have put into their craft, although they were faced with many challenges including not having money to buy materials or equipment, combined with the horrors of the conflict, they have endured, preserved, and made sure that they reflected that in their products. Out of those ambitions, the "Syrian Touches" brand was born to be a mark of resilience and perseverance of these women. 

Through Syrian Touches, we present you with handicrafts made by Syrian women who have turned their hardships into opportunities and their tribulations into triumphs."

Maha Store

This housewife and mother of four children chose burlap embroidery as her craft. She has been fascinated by sewing and embroidery since childhood when she was spending hours of her time sewing clothes and accessories for her doll.

She started making products that she needed for her house, then she gifted some of them to her friend, and gradually her craft developed and the demand for her products increased due to the high quality and the uniqueness of her designs. In her pieces, she mixes burlap, beads, and lace. She chose this particular material because it is easy to find in the market as well as it is an environmentally friendly material. Making one piece requires six or more hours of continuous work.

This craftswoman was able to overcome the difficulties she faced in her work and broke the barrier of shame, which gave her the opportunity to develop further and find new ways to raise the quality of her products. She now aspires to participate in local and international exhibitions to open up new horizons and make her hobby a source of additional income.

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With the aim of supporting Syrian women artisans,