Ma'ali Al-Quddah

Ma'ali Al-Quddah

Ma'ali Al-Quddah Story

“Ma’ali Al-Qudah” Store

❁ Ma’ali Al Qudah is a mother of 8 sons and daughters, a crafts lady, and a talented housewife who learns handicrafts and handmade crochet from a young age.

The first steps of Ma’ali’s project were in producing hand-crocheted pieces for her children and family members.

With time, her project started to expand more and more as she provides you with the most beautiful yet useful decorative pieces, clothes, and much more.

Challenges Faced by “Ma’ali Al-Qudah”

❁ There is no doubt that each project faces challenges, especially at the beginning of her projects such as pricing her products, marketing obstacles, and other related issues that all artisans face at the beginning of their journey.

At Souq Fann, you can now browse creative products that reflect culture and heritage!

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“Ma’ali Al-Qudah” Store❁ Ma’ali Al Qudah is a moth