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First Steps of Lubna Al Bitar

Lubna Al Bitar is a brilliant designer and a talented craft lady who says no to opportunities and takes every single step with the purpose of developing her talent. Accordingly, she intends to attach herself to every association that is specialized in craftsmanship.

What also played a big role in improving her skills is related to having a TOT certificate besides holding a formal license accredited by the vocational training cooperation which allows her to practice her profession legally.

Well, worth saying that academic certificates, training sessions, and even licenses are not enough to be creative in such a field. Thus, there must be hard work and doing the very best with love and passion in order to be able to achieve more and more to come.

Over and above Lubna’s desire and strong will, she joins several local bazaars and exhibitions in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and some associations specializing in traditional crafts.

Thanks to all of the aforementioned notable efforts, Lubna’s path will be surely filled with success and accomplishments because she also helps in holding embroidery training courses in different charitable and international organizations in addition to academic institutions.

Lubna Al Bitar & Souq Fann Joining 

“I have been a big fan of Souq Fann since its first steps! And I was always looking forward to being an effective part of its great team...”

This is how Lubna brings forward her aspiration to join Souq Fann, the platform that proudly sells her embroidery products that were handmade with loads of love.

The story didn’t end yet! As there are many reasons why Lubna, the talented crafts lady is excited to be a vendor with Souq Fann such as having a very wide e-marketing scope and addressing the most notable challenges in her field such as the lack of such types of embroidery locally. Therefore, she aims to make this type of handmade work more common.

Because she really deserves all the support due to her creative and extraordinary pieces, Lubna was blessed with the support she got from family, friends, and even Souq Fann!

Are you a fan of hand-embroidered clothes and accessories pieces? Keep following the trends and add a contemporary touch to your outfit when you browse embroideries made by Lubna as they surely can distinctively add a glamorous touch to any outfit and look!

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First Steps of Lubna Al BitarLubna Al Bitar is a b