Les Aiguilles de Mossoul

Les Aiguilles de Mossoul

Les Aiguilles de Mossoul Story

“Les Aiguilles de Mossoul” Store

“Les Aiguilles de Mossoul” is the place where gently used clothes are given a second life!

“Les Aiguilles de Mossoul” translated as “Needles from Mossoul” is a non-profit organization established by a French woman called Isabelle Fleury, created and managed by French women with the aim of helping Iraqi refugees in Amman.

Indeed, Mossoul is in reference to the place of origin of the protegees, who now sew, knit, crochet, and create beautifully unique items.

Nearly 40 women are a part of the association who meet weekly to socialize and take new orders to be prepared at home over the following days.

Regarding the products, wool, cotton, and most of the fabric used by these nimble fingers are bought locally. The fabric that is not bought is recycled as “Les Aiguilles de Mossoul” uses gently used clothes to give them a second life.

“Les Aiguilles de Mossoul” Challenges

In all sectors all over the world, there must be some challenges. For “Les Aiguilles de Mossoul”, the most challenges faced were related to the lack of knowledge of some of the women about how to sew or knit. Accordingly, the association had to teach them how to do so.

Also, with the pandemic situation, the whole world is facing now, women are not able to gather anymore due to COVID19. As a result, the association had to meet each woman individually which requires more effort and time as well.

Last but not least, the impossibility of finding the fabric with the exact composition is another obstacle.

“Les Aiguilles de Mossoul” Social Impact

The greatest impact achieved by “Les Aiguilles de Mossoul” is the real helping of these women and their families as they gain decent wages. Not only this, the French women managing the association are volunteers and support the admin costs. So, 100% of the profits return to the women.

What makes each product unique is that each one is handmade and 100% of the money collected is paid to the women of the association, start browsing and supporting now through Souq Fann!

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“Les Aiguilles de Mossoul” Store“Les Aiguilles de