Lavenar Story

Get to Know “Lavenar”

"Lavenar" is a project brought to life by Mrs. Randa Shreim to present new innovative ideas in the natural soap industry. This project takes the whole olive tree, including wood, leaves, oil, and olives, as an essential ingredient in the process of crafting different types of natural products.

As for the store name, "Lavenar" means the fragrance spread throughout. Mrs. Randa also used to be called the "Aromatic Lady", who spreads perfume everywhere, while coaching a group of women. That’s how she ended up giving the name "Lavenar" to her store, as it offers natural products with unique aromatic scents.

Products Offered by “Lavenar”

The olive tree is considered the main element used at "Lavenar" to provide high-quality natural products. In addition to using olive wood in making incense, Mrs. Randa crafts castile soap and other natural soap bars using olives and olive oil as basic elements then add on other ingredients with great benefits for the skin such as; camel milk, turmeric, licorice, argan oil, coconut oil, black olives, seeds, perfume, vitamin E, oak and olive leaves.

While the production of incense takes a whole month from preparing the raw materials and then working on the final product, Mrs. Randa needs only two days to produce the best types of natural soap bars and the liquid Castile soap.

Challenges Faced by “Lavenar”

Working in the soap industry couldn't have been easy, as Ms. Randa faced some difficulty in processing the raw materials, not to mention that the Covid-19 pandemic had a huge role in disrupting the marketing process. But all this equipped Mrs. Randa with a good motive to keep going to provide the finest natural products with good aromas and several benefits.

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Get to Know “Lavenar”"Lavenar" is a project brough