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"Lamda” Lambs Store

Yazid and Ahmed, are childhood friends who share the same ambition, curiosity, and optimism that lead them to be creative and positive in one of the most challenging times of the year in the light of the lockdowns and quarantines due to the pandemic situation.

Ahmed and Yazid didn’t decide to spend the total lockdown through the weekend in Jordan only by sitting in front of the television. On the contrary, they are determined to invest their time by starting something that can be special and brings benefits as well!

Accordingly, they started their project called “Lamda” in which each product can lighten any home decor with a very nice handmade lamb!

“Lamda” Store Challenges

The ideas of Ahmed and Yazid complement each other and they never contradict and this may be the first key that leads them to succeed in what they passionately do. However, this does not mean that their project didn’t face any difficulties or challenges.

Accordingly, the very first challenge was related to finding the needed quantities at reasonable prices. Nevertheless, they will never give up and proceed to come up with new ideas such as starting to recycle glass very soon and making artistic eco-friendly glass lambs join the favorite corner in your area!

“Lamda” Lambs Store Social Impact

“Contemplating Lambs” can be a great suggestion for the lambs that are created by the “Lamda” store since lambs are designed in a very artistic way that is strong enough to keep anyone isolated from technology that is dominating our every single moment nowadays.

Just keep away for at least 10 minutes from your laptop, television, or phone and find time for yourself to contemplate, think, and imagine. All of this can be found on Souq Fann now, start shopping!

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"Lamda” Lambs StoreYazid and Ahmed, are childhood