Kushan  Embroidery

Kushan  Embroidery

Kushan  Embroidery Story

The art of embroidery has always been one of the most popular folk crafts across the world. It has been used and is still being used till now as a way of displaying and reflecting the cultures and traditions of different nations.

To revive the Palestinian heritage in a modern way, "Kushan Embroidery" was established in 2021 to popularize the idea that embroidered pieces are not limited to dresses that are worn only on special occasions but that they are suitable for every time and place.

The project was called "Kushan" to prove the Palestinian people's ownership of their land, as this word means (land ownership document).

The Palestinian heritage represents the identity of the Palestinian people, therefore the loss of this heritage will inevitably be a loss of the Palestinian identity and its inherited features, especially that a huge part of the Palestinian heritage has been stolen and registered in UNESCO on behalf of occupation.

Using only high-quality silk (DMC) threads, "Kushan" offers hand-embroidered t-shirts, shirts, and hoodies with local designs or patterns inspired by the heritage of different cities in Palestine. Depending on the size and ease of the embroidery patterns, it may take 2-3 days to produce a single piece.

Thanks to the community support that "Kushan" constantly receives alongside the strong passion for the art of embroidery, the store offers new designs and innovative ideas, wishing that these designs reach all Arabs and for these products to be a way of preserving the Palestinian identity while spreading the culture of embroidery.

It's your time to take action! Browse and purchase Kushan products available now at Souq Fann!

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The art of embroidery has always been one of the m