Kariman Tahboub

Kariman Tahboub

Kariman Tahboub Story

Kariman Tahboub is a creative, ambitious, passionate, and talented designer who invests her expertise to preserve the cultural heritage through generations.

“My brand name -Kariman’s Handmade” is inspired by my name as it reflects my personality”. That’s what Kariman has said about her brand’s name.

Indeed, every single piece of Kariman’s handmade products tells an amazing story about investing talent, skill, and design all at once to preserve cultural heritage.

“Kariman’s Handmade” Journey Beginning

Well, handicrafts were the main passion and motivation source for Kariman since her childhood. Thus, Kariman believes that handicraft is more than a hobby! It is also a conduit for the preservation of cultural heritage which we rarely can touch in handicrafts on any platform, unlike Souq Fann's platform where you can obtain handmade products that carry cultural heritage in its highest forms.

Obstacles faced by “Kariman’s Handmade”

There is a difference between being a designer, and being an ambitious designer! Most likely, designers like Kariman face several challenges including expensive prices, lack of exhibition spaces, events, and activities that target handmade products. As a result, these obstacles make it infeasible to operate as a business.

From here, Kariman took her big step to continue her path as she walked over challenges and difficulties and surpassed them!

The Cooperation between Kariman’s Handmade and Souq Fann

To face the difficulties of her business, Kariman has chosen Souq Fann to be the platform on which she touches its role in marketing her products.

 “Souq Fann can assist me by providing me with a virtual window open to the world where I can exhibit my products and achieve some sales, something that is very appropriate in the current circumstances of Coronavirus.” This is how Kariman commented on her joining our platform!

Now, Kariman can display her products online. If you are passionate about handicrafts and seeking to preserve cultural heritage, support Kariman, and see her products!

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Kariman Tahboub is a creative, ambitious, passiona