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About “Kalimat”

Noura Nabil is a speech and language pathologist with more than 14 years of extensive experience in the field of speech and language therapy. She used this experience to start her own business "Kalimat", a project that designs and sells speech and language therapy products that help teachers and parents to enrich kids’ language skills.

The idea of "Kalimat" came as a result of the lack of therapeutic educational tools in Arabic, as well as the lack of Arabic content or images related to Arab culture in local markets. Furthermore, obtaining foreign products was not cost-effective, and parents faced many difficulties in finding educational tools to follow the progress of their children's language skills at home. That’s why “Kalimat” came to provide these tools for parents, children specialists, and teachers in nurseries and schools.

Challenges Faced by “Kalimat”

As a project that is not available locally and one of its kind, “Kalimat” faced many challenges, but Noura didn’t give up, and she continued doing her best to see her dream coming true.
 Among these challenges, we can mention the following:

  • The problem of educating parents about the necessity of solving and recognizing the speech, language, and communication problems of their children in order for specialties to help them overcome these problems.
  • The inability to fully reach parents who desperately need these tools to enrich their children’s linguistic inventory.
  • During the Covid-19 pandemic, normal life stopped for about 2 years which reduced the marketing of Kalimat’s products in speech centers.
  • The high cost of shipping products outside Jordan.
  • The high cost of printing the products in Jordan and the high prices of products.

Social Impact of “Kalimat”

No one can deny that speech and communication are indispensable ways of life. Kids who face problems related to delayed speech or language issues will suffer in the future from other issues related to academic achievements, not to mention social and psychological problems.

Thus, the role of Kalimat is to provide educational tools that help parents enrich pronunciation and enhance communication for their children in Arabic through fun games, as Kalimat believes every child deserves to express himself with correct and understandable words. Support the "Kalimat" project now through Souq Fann!

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About “Kalimat”Noura Nabil is a speech and languag