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Jeld & Zan

Jeld & Zan which translates to "Leather and Beech" is a project specialized in making handbags from genuine leather and wood. The first steps of Jeld & Zan were when Mr. Zeid Sakkijha decided to introduce a new concept of unique and high-quality handbags to the local market. So he began making beautiful beautiful designs of handbags that combine genuine wood and leather.

Challenges Faced by Jeld & Zan

In this craft were perfection, precision, and attention to detail are highly required, perhaps the most significant challenge Mr. Zeid faced revolved around combining wood and leather in a way that result in a practical and desirable design. However, this was not an obstacle in the way of this creative craftsman, as he kept trying and experimenting until he came up with a wonderful fusion between the materials and presented stunning designs with a modern and elegant touch that will for sure be eye-catching items everyone will adore.

Jeld & Zan Social Impact

The presence of a creative craftsman such as Mr. Zaid Sakkijha who has a strong desire to introduce amazing designs to the local market, and to introduce advanced concepts for handbags that are distinguished and creative is a living proof of high quality handcrafted products that are made locally.

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