Jamla Aljazi

Jamla Aljazi

Jamla Aljazi Story

Who is “Jamla Al Jazi”?

✤ Jamla Al-Jazi is a housewife, a mother of eight sons and girls, and an enthusiastic crafts lady who learned her craft through vocational training courses as she decided to practice her talent and gain a financial source in a way that protects the environment since she produces bags and several accessories by recycling burlap fabric, leather, and cloth.

Challenges that Face “Jamla Al-Jazi”

✤ Products that are handmade with lots of love and profession by Jamla Al-Jazi share many features such as high quality, contemporary designs inspired by Jordanian culture, and harmonious bright colors. However, this doesn’t mean that Jamla faces many challenges that are related to finding difficulty in marketing and displaying the products at the level of the local and international market as well.

Jamla Al-Jazi Products at Souq Fann

✤ These days, we can protect our environment through several bags and accessories that are handmade from recycled fabrics and raw materials to create eco-friendly products that embellish our look elegantly.

For this reason, you can shop the products of Jamla Al-Jazi at Sou Fann; the website number one for handmade products!

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Who is “Jamla Al Jazi”?✤ Jamla Al-Jazi is a housew