Jacaranda Images

Jacaranda Images

Jacaranda Images Story

In 2007, Jacaranda Images opened as a showroom to support graphic artists, young artists, and young people who specialize in the production of paper art. Working with both novice and seasoned artists, Jacaranda Images works on contemporary themes and presents them as exhibitions. Since 2007, it has evolved into an area for Jordanian artists and designers to attract the public and sell their work. Many artists have staged their first exhibitions at Jacaranda Images.

Jacaranda Images is unique because it specializes in displaying only paperwork, which means that there are a wide variety of photographs and digital prints. Many artists explore and use digital techniques as a medium to create their own works and as a way of reproducing original works at a lower cost. High-quality printing ensures that many people enjoy the same artwork at a low cost.

During its 10 years, the Jacaranda Images’ exhibitions have brought together more than 20 artists and provided permanent space for their work, enabling them to continue their artistic production and display and sell their products. Jacaranda Images believes that art should be accessible to everyone.

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In 2007, Jacaranda Images opened as a showroom to