Inspiring Arab Women

Inspiring Arab Women

Inspiring Arab Women Story

“Inspiring Arab Women” is a bilingual book written and illustrated to encourage youth to follow their dreams. It features ten pioneering Arab women who have made a positive and powerful impact in the world.

This book aims to inspire youth to see many successful women in a variety of fields so that they can have the courage to follow their passion no matter what, also, it encourages young readers to improve their Arabic and English language, while learning about the stories.

Highlighting Arab women leaders in different fields and businesses, who changed the world by following their passion and giving back to society is the main motive behind this project, being brought up with stories about helpless princesses who are always waiting to be saved or rescued had an impact on our subconscious minds and made women feel that they are always in need of a savior, which is not accurate! Our job is to raise the new generation to new morals and beliefs that will help them succeed without feeling in constant need of help!

The book also includes an interactive activity where readers can write their own biography of success and draw themselves in action, thus seeing themselves as heroes.

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“Inspiring Arab Women” is a bilingual book written