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The true passion Mrs. Amal Jandar has for the handicraft field paved the way for her to launch her own business under the name "Hope Made". After she lost her job during the covid-19 pandemic, she decided to start her project which offers the most unique hand-knitted macrame accessories and art pieces.

Being a project that mainly specializes in handcrafted products, the store name "Hope Made" was chosen by Mrs. Amal to be a combination between the word "Handmade" and the meaning of her name in English; "Hope", which turned out to be a lovely representation for her project.

Using the finest macrame threads, kilim fabrics, and wood pieces, Mrs. Amal crafts practical pieces of art and decor items, such as organization/ storage pieces, decorative pieces, plant hangers, and other innovative souvenir ideas for different occasions, not to mention that some of the pieces are custom designed according to the customer's wish.

Macrame is a somewhat time-consuming craft, as working on a single piece might take several days. The process starts with choosing the design, choosing the appropriate type of thread, and then implementing it to have the final design.

Although there are similar products on the market at lower quality and prices, the "Hope Made" accessories and home decor are distinguished by their practical features and high quality, not to mention that they are made with lots of love. Check them out only at Souq Fann!

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