Hanan Alhasanat

Hanan Alhasanat

Hanan Alhasanat Story

Hanan Al-Hasanat Accessories

❃  Hanan Al-Hasanat is an ambitious and passionate lady from Petra who decided to lean on handicrafts to gain financial resources due to the lack of resources in the area where she lives.

Luckily, Hanan got her perfect chance by being a participant in a workshop held by Souq Fann in order to acquire new skills and learn new things to be able to be productive and help her family as well.

From a training course to an actual project on the ground, it started with a simple experiment!

As Hanan participated in an online course on Facebook on how to make resin accessories, then, she received samples of resin and an accessories template as an encouraging gift in order to start an experience manufacturing creative accessories characterized by a luxurious architectural marble character, handcrafted with love and passion from resin, copper and iron filings to create unique accessories!

Challenges Faced by Hanan

❃ Despite the presence of several difficulties and obstacles, Hanan decided not to give up and continue dreaming until her goal is reached. Thus, Hanan was facing various challenges that were standing in her way. For example, the high costs of required materials, marketing, and  COVID-19 circumstances are all obstacles that Hanan is facing in her intelligent project.

Accessories Made by Hanan at Souq Fann

❃ It is a sure thing that Hanan leaves a positive impact which features her as a productive individual within her community and family as well. Hanan strongly believes that Souq Fann will surely help her in overcoming her challenges thanks to the courses and workshops that play the main role in expanding the scope of ideas in addition to updating the designs and products steadily, start browning resin accessories made by Hanan through Souq Fann now!

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Hanan Al-Hasanat Accessories❃  Hanan Al-Hasanat is