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About “Freedom Designs”

Freedom Designs began with two women daring to dream that they had the power and potential to change their future. Determined to provide a better future for their children, these women learned how to up-cycle old leather jackets into beautiful earrings. Over time, their confidence grew alongside their skills, and today they create not only earrings, but also macrame plant hangers, keychains, ornaments, and bookmarks. 

Challenges faced by “Freedom Designs”

Living in Ramtha, these ladies have overcome much in order to succeed, often struggling to provide for their families' most basic needs and unable to work outside the home. In addition, they struggle to find appropriate avenues to market and sell their products as they are far from populated cities therefore they lack adequate transportation. Freedom Designs has created a unique opportunity for these women to work while still caring for their children at home. In addition, the online platform of Souq Fann enables them to show off their handcrafted products to the world!

Freedom Designs’ impact on the society

The ladies at Freedom Designs believe that their business exists not only to bless each of them but also their families and surrounding community. Through their experience and work opportunities, they feel the freedom to grow, dream, and transform their futures and the futures of generations to come. 

Using mostly locally-sourced materials, these ladies work hard to provide high-quality artisan products that make great gifts for you and your friends. You can now browse “Freedom Designs” products at Souq Fann!

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About “Freedom Designs”Freedom Designs began with