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In a world full of ideas, only a few have the Arabic scent besides having fun through interactive games

We all love board games, who doesn’t? To produce board games in an entrepreneurial way so players can play, have fun, interact, refresh their memories, and test their skills together, “Fekra Productions” is here!

“Fekra Productions” or “Idea Productions” is a start-up that aims to create and produce interactive board games that suit our culture and speak Arabic; the mother language of our modern homes and streets.

The idea that makes “Fekra” special is their original, interactive, and informative games, which introduce a type of content you can trust to be between your children’s hands. Actually, “Fekra” games are not only designed for your children but also for you!

Support “Fekra Productions” start-up and buy your favorite board game to gather your family members from different generations around one table!

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In a world full of ideas, only a few have the Arab