Fatma Al-Hassanat

Fatma Al-Hassanat

Fatma Al-Hassanat Story

“Fatma Al-Hasanat” Store

❁ From the scope of investing and utilizing her craftsmanship and handy skills, reviving the heritage of Petra and Nabatean culture, Fatima Al Hasanat is a gifted yet talented crafts lady who shares a great love for craftsmanship and volunteer work.

Accordingly, she volunteers for several organizations and she has a store specified for producing handmade accessories and clothes featuring the theme of Nabatean patterns taking us back to this awesome historical stage all of this was achieved thanks to her practice, experience, training, effort, in addition to other helpful ways such as the course she took with Souq Fann.

Challenges that Face “Fatma”

❁ In the world of handicrafts, there must be a lot of challenges in order to be able to end up with unique products. However, this doesn’t mean that Fatma doesn’t face some challenges in the production stage such as the lack of marketing, factories, and raw materials in her area. Be a positive part of society and help Fatma overcome these challenges by browsing her products through Souq Fann now!

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“Fatma Al-Hasanat” Store❁ From the scope of invest