Fatima's Crochet

Fatima's Crochet

Fatima's Crochet Story

“Fatima’s Crochet” Store

❁ Fatima Al-Nsairat is a mother of a girl and two sons who is 45 years old and passionately works as a crafts lady with an experience of 15 years in the field of handmade crochet as she provides her main source of income since she is the breadwinner for her family.

Having an added value to the world of crochet, Fatima learned all the crochet stitches and she added two new patterns or stitches to the world of crochet.

Above all, Fatima achieved great success and shaped a breakthrough as she started with a very small capital amount of 5 JoD and worked hard to develop it until it reached 1,000 JD noting that she choose the world of crochet because she strongly loves the field and produces home decorative pieces such as cushions, handbags, table runners, carpets, and so on.

Fatima loves to crochet, and she is skilled in stitching as she masters 300 different stitches, she added crochet patterns to the traditional Shemagh, and she keeps learning new methods and techniques every day.

“Fatima’s Crochet” Challenges

❁ Like any other handmade-oriented project, Fatima faces several difficulties in production such as the difficulty of marketing her products, and lack of income, in addition to suffering from the disc.

Fatima hopes that by joining Souq Fann she will overcome the obstacles and reach new audiences and achieve her goals. Browse her products now!

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“Fatima’s Crochet” Store❁ Fatima Al-Nsairat is a m