Faten Albawab

Faten Albawab

Faten Albawab Story

First Steps of Faten Al Bawab

From her kitchen to yours, you can now enjoy the authenticity of ceramic, clay, and pottery! Faten Al Bawab is a very skilled, talented, and brilliant crafts lady who creates kitchen trivets that add a very elegant, deluxe, and distinctive touch to the serving process on any occasion!

Faten had to move from one governorate to another inside Jordan as she moved from Amman to Al-Salt due to her marriage. However, Al-Salt has fewer vacancies than Amman does. Despite that, Faten decided to create her own vacancy and her own special way to be productive!

Her love and passion for handicrafts led her to join the Vocational Training Corporation in order to study the art of creating craft pieces out of ceramic, pottery, clay, and so on. From this point, her kitchen became her workshop!

Challenges Faced By Faten Al Bawab

Passion doesn’t become a real passion until a lot of difficulties and challenges are faced. Hence, the greatest challenges faced by Faten resided in not owning a workplace in addition to the lack of capital and marketing.

Nevertheless, Faten took her kitchen as her favorite working place and joined Souq Fann in order to be able to market products through this wide digital window and let people around the world browse and buy her elegant products.

Be an effective part of supporting Faten and improving the financial situation of her family as well. Let her reach the greatest number of trainees in her surrounding community to train them in creating luxurious serving trivets, sets, and products like hers!

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First Steps of Faten Al BawabFrom her kitchen to y