Fariza Alazam

Fariza Alazam

Fariza Alazam Story

A Brief About Fariza Al Azzam Store

✄ Fariza Al Azzam is a mother of four children and she is a talented crafts lady who takes her hobby and talent as the main financial source since she is responsible for her family.

Fariza Al Azzam provides her main source of income by producing laptop bags, cross bags, and waste bags.

Fariza didn’t choose to come from Syria to Jordan only to avoid war circumstances. Instead, she developed herself and joined workshops to learn Hadab and embroidery where she was able to attain many achievements in the field that she has been working in for 9 years she is still passionate about her field and she loves to always work in the field of handicrafts.

Challenges Faced by Fariza

✄ It can be noted that Fariza finds herself in the field of embroidery and Hadab. Also, there is no doubt that she features a high level of design skills and creativity that qualify her to come up with light yet distinctive products that meet the market needs.

Despite the aforementioned, Fariza is still facing challenges that are standing in her path such as finding difficulty in marketing her products. Therefore, you can find different products that were made with lots of love by Fariza available at Souq Fann now!

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A Brief About Fariza Al Azzam Store✄ Fariza Al Azz