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Farha Designs

Farha Designs Story

“Farha Designs” is a Jordanian project specialized in creating modern and unique fashion designs. The project started in 2013 as a hobby for Mrs. Farah Nassif, through which she wanted to design and implement bags with the help of local craftsmen.

In the beginning, Mr.s Farah faced a few challenges due to the lack of sufficient quantities of raw materials, and the lack of craftsmen working in this field. In addition, many workshops specialized in this field were closed due to their inability to compete with the products and manufacturing services of the imported goods.

Believing in what she can do for her community, Mrs. Farah decided to dedicate her time and effort to provide locally manufactured products of high quality capable of competing with imported products.

“Farha Designs” offers a variety of products, including bags, accessories, and fashion pieces inspired by traditions to be a unique way of showcasing local heritage and culture.

The store name also has a distinct cultural role, as "Farha" is one of the old names that are no longer popular nowadays. In addition to the authenticity of the name, it also has a meaning that indicates hope and happiness.

“Farha Designs” products are a unique combination of embroidery patterns, Arabic calligraphy, and fabrics inspired by our heritage in modern designs that bring aesthetic and authenticity to your look. 

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“Farha Designs” is a Jordanian project specialized