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Revitalize Arabic Content through Art: Falak4Art

Falak4Art came into being through a shared idea between Saja and Amjad. Saja and Amjad are a couple who share the same passion for art using the Arabic language. They are both fond of various types of art including graphic design, Arabic calligraphy, mandala, and digital collage. Saja’s classical painting style with Amjad’s digital lines and strokes coalesce into a single entity, Falak4Art.

Falak4Art, like any other unique project, came across obstacles including the lack of the needed material to produce the products in various and unique ways. However, Saja and Amjad’s motivation to pursue their passion never stopped them from proceeding with their project and producing high-quality products at affordable prices.  

The idea behind Falak4Art stems from the lack of Arabic content in Jordan. Falak4Art tries to produce art that speaks directly to the heart in an unorthodox way by blending personal experiences, stories, and Arabic heritage with art in different forms to spread the beauty of Arabic content. 

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Revitalize Arabic Content through Art: Falak4ArtFa