Faiha' Hamid

Faiha' Hamid

Faiha' Hamid Story

Faiha' Hamid is a Syrian woman, and mother of three children. She studied Interior design and started working in this field in cooperation with several companies and magazines. although she faced difficulties she did not give up and went through art and design as that is the thing that interests her.

In the beginning, her project was simple paintings on canvas and portraits in charcoal, then she began designing beautiful Ajami Damascene art, and after hard work and support from her husband's experience, she developed her project to include useful designs tending to simplicity and showing the Damascene character at the same time.
 Faiha's love for Damascene prompted her to design artworks that revive the Damascene heritage, in addition to her desire to combine cultures between Syria and Jordan, as an expression of thanks for the wonderful hospitality.

Success will not be complete without facing difficulties and challenges, one of them is finding a professional way to market its products on a larger scale, and here came the role of Souq Fann to support Faiha’s talent and achieve its desire to reach the whole world.

Thanks to the terrific collaboration with Blumont and UNHCR which gives training and workshops through Souq Fann, Faiha now offers you her products that you can browse at Souq Fann. No doubt, this great project was the main reason why the life of Faiha changed after being able to help in providing financial sources for her family.

Start looking for the best designs and support the handcrafted products of Faiha!

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Faiha' Hamid is a Syrian woman, and mother of thre