Eman Salman

Eman Salman

Eman Salman Story

Eman Salman, the woman who has been chosen by Care International as one of the best home business-based mentors!

Besides being a passionate housewife, Eman is a talented trainer and artisan. Because of her passion and love of the profession, she likes to teach other craft ladies how to master creating handmade products.

No doubt, Eman is always eager to train these ladies to make several handmade products such as candles, soaps, and accessories in many centers and associations. All of her ambition and hardworking made her able to establish her store “Eman Salman Store”.

“Eman Salman Store” Journey Beginning 

Most likely, Eman has a special enthusiasm for natural products with countless benefits for skin and hair. From then on, Eman uses her creativity besides her craftwork in order to produce eco-friendly natural products from oils, herbs, glycerin, and so on.

From her strong belief in the importance of self and skills development, Eman well picked the chance to be a part in workshops and training sessions to be trained by handmade soap making experts.

Every single time she seeks a learning opportunity, she day by day discovers her extreme love and great passion for the field.

“Eman Salman” Faced Obstacles

When you are working in the field of local production, facing challenges is a must. However, challenges are not a negative concept as challenges are factors you can learn from. Were challenges stop, creativity ends!

What does Souq Fann do To Eman Salman Store?

Eman mentioned that her store’s entry to Souq Fann platform will totally change her life! Thus, it would play a huge role in increasing the production and the marketing of her products as well.

Step by step with the hard work between Eman and Souq Fann, she will be able to make her dream come by letting people buy her products outside Jordan and around the world.

Start looking for the best solutions for your skin problems and support the local products of the Eman Salman Store!

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Eman Salman, the woman who has been chosen by Care