Dozdani Story

Dozdani is a project run by two entrepreneurs, Rami Jabarah and Ayat Othman to outreach people and strengthen relationships between Arab countries and the relationship between a person and their own home country. And to enhance Dozdani’s vision, the name of the project originates from the Palestinian colloquial accent which means an embroidered wallet that old Palestinian women sew perfectly using silk, buds, and cane. 

In the beginning, the project tried to design something which it supports the Palestinian question as the occupation wiped the Palestinian map from everywhere. Also, Dozdani came to the realization that this generation and even the future generations would also grow up without knowing Palestine or at least what its map looks like, and this is when Dozdani designed their first work of the original map of Palestine.

Dozdani tried harder to come up with a design that would be even more beneficial to support their goal. Hence, they chose the puzzle to teach and entertain at once. They boosted their first design into a map puzzle in which people learn about a country and its cities in a fun way. Altogether with the magnificent design, people are fascinated by the idea and how it helps their children in learning about cities and countries in a unique way and how they can play and bond with their children as the puzzle is designed for all ages. 

Now, Dozdani expanded their project and started designing puzzle maps for new countries or puzzle maps for a combination of multiple countries. Rami and Ayat look forward to outreach as many people as possible and spreading their ultimate goal of teaching and entertaining people of all age

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Dozdani is a project run by two entrepreneurs, Ram