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Deema's Soaps

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My name is Deema Salaita, I've been a working woman since 2010 but for my pregnancy health issues, I found that I had to quit my work and stay at home.
Two months after I had the baby I started to think about a job I can do from home, I started by making scented candles and baby's giveaways and started an online page under the name of Swan Candles, sadly after 7 months of promoting it, it didn't turn out to be a success, meanwhile, I started learning about soap making, while I know how to make soaps that are made from oil directly having a baby always by my side was an issue as there is some dangerous chemical stuff I need to use, so I found an alternative, pour and melt glycerin soaps, and I managed to develop it by adding natural oils and natural materials such as honey, rose water, oatmeal, and fruits to make my soaps better for the skin and more natural.
I started my soap-making business back in November by giving them to family and friends to test, luckily they loved them and soon my business started to grow now I receive new orders every day or two, and people who buy my soaps come back for more.

The challenge I face is the lack of marketing, that's why I started looking for other channels to promote my soaps, such as your online store and some gift shops here in Madaba, sadly I had an issue with the shops as they wanted to buy my soaps for a really low price that kept me with no profit at all.

Also, as my business is new I do have a small group of customers, while I rely on word of mouth which was not enough at first, and had to do big sales on my soaps at first till I gained a good customer base.

Due to my work online, all of my customers are from Madaba as people in Amman and other places don't go on with the buying process when they learn that they need to pay a delivery charge, so expanding my market is one of my biggest challenges that I hope it will work out with you.

I'm still at my first beginning and I look forward to expanding my work to proper 100% natural soaps and beauty products, but I hope my work will encourage other women like me who found themselves in a situation where they have to quit work to know that they can do both and start their own business from home and to never give up even if something doesn't work at first and keep trying and develop their business.

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My name is Deema Salaita, I've been a working woma