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Dar Ne'meh

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“Dar Ne’meh” Project

“Dar Ne’meh”, translated as “House of Bliss”, is the Arabic Jordanian home where Jordanian women and ladies can see their future, hope, safety, and security.

“Dar Ne’meh” is the home of a project created by the Princess Taghrid Institute to support women across various governorates located in Jordan which makes it a very important social and developmental project.

Indeed, this home has a lot to offer to us, to society, and to women as well since it mainly aims to empower women by training them in a way they become active and productive members of society.

“Dar Ne’meh” Social Impact

“Dar Ne’meh” is more than just a home and leaves more than a social impact! It is a social and cultural home that brings the blessings of Jordanian culture, tourism, traditional handicrafts, development and empowerment of women, all in one basket, in order to secure a decent life and a stable future for her and their family because she deserves more than the best while preserving the Kingdom’s distinct cultural heritage.

Out of the great importance to encourage women and support them to be productive, “Dar Ne’meh” takes the responsibility of marketing its products both locally and internationally.

Not to mention that this great house also works hard to provide women with the needed skills to develop their products and achieve better quality as well.

Handmade products provide a generous and sustainable future for the women who make them, and you can be a part who helps in making their lives better, just browse their products through Souq Fann now!

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