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Al Yasmine Publishing House

“Al Yasmine Publishing House” is a Jordanian house that specialized in children and young adult books for ages between 2 and 16 years old. Worthy said that the original language of its books is written in Arabic.

In 2010, Al-Yasmine Publishing House was established and founded by the author Mrs. Abeer Al-Taher. From that moment until now, the house strongly seeks to produce books that are interesting and fun to read as well.

Al Yasmine is considered one of the most prominent leading publishing houses in the Arab World as it has been awarded several Arab and international awards. As a result, you can see Al Yasmine's books included in the curricula of some Jordanian and international schools as well. Adding that it also reaches some western countries such as Canada and the United States since its books are distributed thereafter they have been translated from Arabic into foreign languages.

Al Yasmine Publishing House Challenges

Indeed, any business sector in the world faces many obstacles. However, when it comes to children's literature, the struggle becomes bigger as Al Yasmine Publishing House sees it as difficult to select the appropriate content for the stories whereas children don’t get bored and clearly understand the lesson they would gain behind every story they read.

Besides choosing the appropriate content, choosing the illustrations is also a challenge especially when it comes to including catchy and clever illustrations.

Al Yasmine Publishing House Social Impact

Perhaps, one of the best impacts that occurred thanks to Al Yasmine Publishing House is the spread of Arabic Literature and Language since its titles are enhancing Arabic linguistic skills in every child. Not to mention that these books played a big role in developing their personalities positively.

Shop Dar Al Yasmine's stories and let more children across the world enjoy getting attached to Arabic stories that expand their horizons and touch their hearts!

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