Dania's Crochet

Dania's Crochet

Dania's Crochet Story

Dania is thirty-five years old and a mother of two children. Dania started her professional life as an employee in a company but she always finds herself coming back to her favorite hobby, crocheting. After a while, Dania made her mind up to quit her job and turn her hobby into a full-time job so she started her brand, Dania Crochet, by crocheting scarves and hats for her family members and cousins. At present, Dania Crochet is Dania’s primary source of income.

In the beginning, Dania faced many obstacles such as the lack of training centers specialized in this field, however, Dania overcame these obstacles and started learning about crocheting online by watching videos on YouTube. After a while, Dania realized her ability to expand her brand by starting to design gifts for various ages and different home decorations, hence, Dania’s surroundings were fascinated by the special and professional designs she is capable of besides the amazing colors she chooses. Now, Dania dreams of expanding her brand by designing new and unique products for the local market. 

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Dania is thirty-five years old and a mother of two