Butterfly Story

Aisha Odeh is a kindergarten teacher who has a great passion for art. Her love for children prompted her to start her small project “Butterfly” in 2021, which specializes in designing attractive hair bows to bring joy to children’s hearts.

Mrs. Aisha decided to start her own social media page to implement a few ideas, she also gifted some of her designs to little girls she knows, who really loved her work and were happy to wear it.

This positive feedback motivated Mrs. Aisha to continue in her business and try to develop it more, so she started recently offering custom-designed hair bows, aiming ti grow her shop more and more to reach a larger number of customers and bring more happiness to the little girls.

The cutely designed "Butterfly" hair bows are now available on Souq Fann.  Check them out!

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Aisha Odeh is a kindergarten teacher who has a gre