Blossoms of Thought

Blossoms of Thought

Blossoms of Thought Story

Her great love for reading and writing prompted Ms. Shatha Kotob to start the "Blossoms of Thought" project. While practicing her hobby of reading, Mrs. Shatha was used to writing down thoughts she had in a notebook to retrieve and filter them later. She has always loved the idea of having a notebook that helps manage daily tasks and track healthy habits such as drinking water.

Therefore, Mrs. Shatha designed the "Blossoms of Thought" notebook to help anyone write their thoughts, develop themselves, and build their skills, offering an easy way to track their progress. This notebook also provides some selected lists such as movie lists, music lists, research or study list, as well as a list of books that suit all fields.

“Blossoms of Thought” comes with a design based on the habits of CEOs and highly successful people. Green also was chosen to be this notebook's color as it is considered one of the most relaxing colors for the brain, not to mention that it helps in generating ideas.

The "Blossoms of Thought" notebook was designed 100% locally: a Jordanian designer was hired to design the cover and the inner pages in a beautiful, non-boring way, and was printed at a local printing press using white paper. This notebook also comes inside a hard paper cover to preserve it from dust and damage.

Grab your copy of the Blossom of Thoughts planner to build a healthy lifestyle or track your progress in learning a new skill!

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Her great love for reading and writing prompted Ms