Bestie Story

“Bestie” First Steps

Making accessories may seem like an easy and simple craft, but it was Mrs. Ayat Shahin’s dream since childhood, as she started her project and persevered and continued in this field with the aim of establishing her own brand and taking it to the global level one day. 

Mrs. Ayat has always believed that every girl should be financially independent in order to be able to achieve her dreams. Thus, her project aims to create job opportunities for girls who want to achieve their dreams and become financially stable. After continuous hard work and the perseverance to acquire the skills and experience in the field of business and small projects, Mrs. Ayat began to witness the goals of her project becoming reality.

“Bestie” offers distinctive and unique bracelets for friends called "Friendship Bracelets", handcrafted with love from threads with different stitches and colors, as these bracelets express the strong relationship and bonding between the group of friends, and they are also made to be given as special gifts to friends and close ones.

“Bestie” as a Positive Footprint inside the Local Community

As a project targeting youth who prefer to express their difference and lively personalities, Mrs. Ayat started marketing her project through social media platforms and faced some difficulties in that, but this was not an obstacle for a creative woman like her who has a passion for what she does and a message she wants to convey through her project, which focuses on self-expression and acceptance of people's differences.

Bestie store offers extraordinary accessories that give youth a sense of uniqueness and distinction from others and the freedom to express their differences. Be stylish while expressing who you are by owning Bestie’s unique accessories available now at Souq Fann!

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“Bestie” First StepsMaking accessories may seem li