Beit Iksa Gardens

Beit Iksa Gardens

Beit Iksa Gardens Story

“Bait Iksa Gardens” is a private workshop and showroom, run by a team of a father and two sons (a carpenter, a civil engineer, and a landscape engineer).

They started their project in 2018, specializing in upcycling and recycling different materials and transforming them into new, usable items.

Their products vary from interior to exterior furniture and various decorative pieces.

“Bait Iksa” is inspired by the name of their hometown in Palestine, keeping the legacy alive.

“Our products are unique, special, handmade, and reliably made with care and experience, all the items we have are genuine items.” the team states.

“People are not used to purchasing upcycled items and they usually assume that if the base material is cheap, then the product should be cheap too! But actually, making new genuine items from used materials costs time, money, effort, and experience!

People are used to manufacturing items, that are copies of other designs, but in the world of handmade and recycling this is not possible!” 

Their workshop and showroom are located on Dead Sea road - Al Adassiah village. 

At the moment the team is teaching people the secrets of recycling carpentry, they have 3 new male employees that they are working with the moment, along with several ladies who work from home, as they receive the designs and learn the entire process from the team.

Joining Souq Fann will help the team reach more clients and widen their opportunity of getting more sales!

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“Bait Iksa Gardens” is a private workshop and show