Bedouin Spirit

Bedouin Spirit

Bedouin Spirit Story

Mrs. Hanady AlZanoon is a seamstress who worked alongside her mother for a while on foreigners' requests of designing cultural-inspired products that can be given as gifts to friends and family members. Thus, and after coming up with creative designs and products with new ideas every time, these products reached a greater number of people and became very popular, that’s when Mrs. Hanady decided to launch the "Bedouin Spirit" store.

Using the finest types of traditional Sadu fabric, the store offers modern and innovative designs that carry the Bedouin spirit. These designs include; picnic blankets, camel doorstops, ornaments, table runners, napkins, cushions, wallets, notebooks, sleeping bags, yoga mats, and any other customized orders.

Working in the handicrafts field is time and effort-consuming, and craftsmen face many challenges during their work. Therefore, and due to the great love that Bedouin Spirit products receive alongside the pressure and increasing demand for such designs, Mrs. Hanady, no longer has enough time to come up with new designs, in addition to people's repeated inquiries about the availability of a store where they can feel the products with their hands.

This was the beginning of the "Bedouin Spirit" store's journey on Souqfann, which played a great role in marketing and showcasing the products, giving Mrs. Hanady enough time to come up with innovative and renewable ideas and designs.

Browse and purchase Bedouin Spirit's one-of-a-kind products available now on Souqfann!

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Mrs. Hanady AlZanoon is a seamstress who worked al