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✧  Petra is not only one of the Seven Wonders of the World, it is also a wonder in the world of accessories that hold the Nabatean civilization by its amazing patterns and designs.

✧  For the love of cooperation with friends, Basma Al-Hasanat is a crafts lady who started her own business with her best friend in 1996 as they were joining a training team and decided to leave the team and specify capital to start up their store to participate in several exhibitions and share a lot of unforgettable experience and achievements.

What distinguishes Basma’s accessories from other jewelry is that they are like a mirror that reflects the Jordanian heritage inspired by Nabatean civilization and the monuments of Petra.

Unfortunately, due to the death of her partner, Basma stopped working for a certain period of time because she was affected by the death of her friend. Then, Basma realized that she has to revive the project because her friend loved their work and this was a reason why Basma decided to relive the moments she enjoyed with her best friend which encouraged her to work with lots of love and passion embellishing the accessories with the details that her friend used to be passionate about.

Basma Al-Hasanat is a talented crafts lady, the owner of the store, a housewife, and a mother of four who always develops herself as she depends on the income of her store as her main financial source especially in the light of COVID-19 noting that she didn’t complete her studies because she is work-oriented rather than academic-oriented as she has an unconditional love for designing and creating fine accessories.

Challenges Faced by Basma

✧ Indeed, the death of her friend and partner was not the only challenge faced by Basma as she still faces a lot of obstacles due to the nature of her work such as:

⋆  The importance of having a strong passion and high attention to details

⋆  Unavailability of the required machines and tools to complete the work

⋆  The difficulty of accessing scholarships and grants

⋆  The lack of sufficient markets to display the products and sell them

Irrespective of the previously mentioned obstacles and challenges, Basma is keen on increasing the volume of products and sales through Souq Fann. Further, she plans to train her daughters and sons who have an artistic hobbies to help her in her unique project.

Social Impact of Basma Accessories

✧ In addition to the continuous development and innovation of this field, Basma’s handcrafted accessories add a local yet traditional touch inspired by Jordanian heritage, providing customers with distinctive accessories at affordable prices.

Basma also holds introductory courses to educate women about the definition of silver, how to clean and polish it, and ways to check it, all of this because none of them will be deceived or cheated with the silver metal.

Thus, Basma sees herself as an effective and productive individual in the community who passes on this unique craft that represents an ancient civilization to the next generations. Because the Souq Fann platform sees the same thing, you can shop for various accessories inspired by Petra now!

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