Azhart Story

Mrs. Shaima Al-Beishtawi is a talented craftswoman passionate about the crochet craft. In the beginning, Mrs. Shaima was eager to learn crochet so she could teach it to her beloved daughter and share with her everything she learned.

After acquiring experience and basic techniques in the field, Mrs. Shaima established her crafts shop "Azhart", through which she designs and creates attractive hand-knitted crochet pieces that are characterized by their Arabic essence and spirit.

Using the finest quality of crochet threads, “Azhart” offers a variety of hand-knitted products including but not limited to; bags, shawls, and many other astonishing pieces.

Mrs. Shaima constantly strives to develop and innovate new crochet products, and at the moment she is looking to expand her store to reach a larger audience by joining Souqfann, the number one platform that showcases unique handmade products made with love by talented craftsmen.

Have a look at Azhart's gorgeous pieces crocheted with lots of love and craftsmanship!

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Distinctive Crochet Pieces Made with Love