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Aya's Planet

Aya's Planet Story

Mrs. Aya Alasfar's journey in resin craft began while she was studying for her master's degree in Marketing. After graduation, luck wasn't on her side so she couldn't get a job in her field of specialization, so she decided to spend more time learning the resin craft and was determined to develop her skills in this field. At that time, Mrs. Aya aimed to launch her store "Aya's Planet" to offer beautiful handmade resin art pieces.

Using resin, resin colors, and natural wood, "Aya's Planet" store offers a variety of accessories (earrings, bracelets, necklaces), as well as fridge magnets inspired by fruits and vegetables.

According to Mrs. Aya, Working with resin requires patience, mastery, and a lot of time. Some resin pieces take two or several stages so that each layer dries separately and to make sure that the different layers and colors are not overlapping together.

Any resin art piece goes through the following steps:

  • First, the resin and the hardener are mixed very well.

  • Roses, colors, or other decorative elements are added.

  • The mixture is poured into the silicone molds.

  • Then at the end, the piece is left to dry (18 to 24 hours).

These steps are applied carefully by Mrs. Aya in order to make her products. you can now check these beautifully crafted pieces made with love at "Aya's Planet" and available now at Souqfann!

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Mrs. Aya Alasfar's journey in resin craft began wh