Asma' Story

An unexpected coincidence was the reason behind Asma’s project! It all started with her buying a gift for her brother’s birthday, which was a rosary and a keychain that she absolutely loved!

Asma’: “I bought my brother this lovely gift that he loved, then I wanted to create similar gifts for the rest of my brothers, I examined the piece and wanted to learn how to make it from scratch, I didn’t know at that time that I will indulge in lots and lots of details, I went to the city to buy all the basic tools I need and I started.”

Asma’s brothers unintentionally marketed her work as they were telling friends and relatives about her creations, and this is how her journey started in selling products in Petra.

Asma’s creations are known for being simple and unique.

Asma’: “ Marketing was very spontaneous amongst the local community in Petra, I aspire to reach new audiences in a more structured and planned way with Souq Fann, and eventually reach new and wide markets.

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An unexpected coincidence was the reason behind As