Art From Zaatari

Art From Zaatari

Art From Zaatari Story

Art from Zaatari, a project affiliated with the Questscope for Social Development in the Middle East, was established in the Zaatari camp in 2012 to provide various services to Syrian refugees inside the camp and to be a means of enabling them to start their projects in the field of handicrafts.

Art from Zaatari was launched to support and market the products of talented refugees in the Zaatari camp. This project offers a variety of wooden artworks made of olive wood, lemon wood, Swedish wood, and red rosewood, decorated with colored seashells and artificial bones.

While the Art from Zaatari center secures the required raw materials and contributes to securing official permits to bring such materials into the camp, young talents are given the space to design the products and embellish them with the most beautiful hand drawings. After implementing the finishing touches, the product is wrapped and ready to be delivered to the customer.

Working in the social development field, the center faced some difficulties in providing some raw materials like white and colored seashells, in addition to securing permits to bring materials into the Zaatari camp, however, with the energy of the talented youth, such challenges did not limit the quality and uniqueness of the products provided.

Show your support to the talented youth at the Zaatari camp by browsing and purchasing their artworks available now at Souq Fann!

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Art from Zaatari, a project affiliated with the Qu