Magic Fingers

Magic Fingers

Magic Fingers Story

Nibal AlNabulsi embraced childhood with her spontaneity and innocence, with her crafter hand she makes Amigromy dolls from crochet, being the first maker on Souq Fann of this kind. 

Nibal says I used to love handcrafts since I was at a very young age, I remember how I used to play with Henna and draw different shapes. 

I was studying at the university back in Syria before the Syrian crisis, and when we moved to Jordan I couldn’t continue my studies, so I started to learn crochet I was impressed by the Amigromy dolls and I started to look for different techniques on how to make them, I like what is complex and beautiful, it motivates me to be more unique and distinguish my work from anyone else.

Nibal dolls are special with their different textures in the same doll, also you can move the doll’s parts very easily unlike the Plush dolls, not to mention how easy it is to clean. 

Nibal adds "my deep attachment to my childhood and compassion towards children is what makes me do this particular type of art. My love for art and childhood pushes me forward to do better and develop my work."

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Nibal AlNabulsi embraced childhood with her sponta