Alkarmel Story

“Alkarmal” Store

The master's degree, and the various certificates in accounting and human resources couldn't stop Mrs. Lama Jibrel from following her passion for the embroidery craft. As she started her project “Alkarmal” in 2013 with the aim of enlightening new generations about Palestinian folklore and heritage.

Starting from that, the store offers pieces taken from the heart of Canaanite patterns and stitches, adding pictures, ceramics, accessories, or even wood to present the most beautiful pieces full of Palestinian heritage.

Challenges faced by “Alkarmal”

In 2020, Mrs. Lama devote herself entirely to her project, and she even opened “Alkarmal Gallery” which offers everything related to Palestinian heritage in different forms, starting with pieces of furniture, frames, pottery, bags, etc. Mrs. Lama had faced difficulty in promoting her products, and there was no specific market or bazaars concerned with selling or marketing such pieces, but she continued despite her willingness of introducing the people around her to the authentic Palestinian heritage.

“Alkarmal” Social Impact

“Alkarmel” store was able to reach the hearts of people and put its own mark in the handicraft sector by providing the finest pieces that reflect the authentic Palestinian heritage with all its beautiful and unique details.

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“Alkarmal” StoreThe master's degree, and the vario