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Ala'a chocolate

Ala'a chocolate Story

Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate

After many attempts to make homemade chocolate bars to offer to her guests, Mrs. Ala’a Al-Harbawi was able to produce the most delicious types of chocolate with a distinctive range of flavors.

Everything started with Mr.s Ala’a desire to serve homemade chocolate to her guests on Eid and other special occasions, she made her first attempts, but she did not get the desired result. So she decided to learn how to make chocolate by browsing and searching the internet and decided to do everything she can to make her passion in this field a reality on the ground.

Doing so, Mrs. Alaa's desire was fulfilled due to her persistence, as she was able to reach the appropriate chocolate texture and was able to produce chocolate bars with distinctive shapes. Hence, she decided to open her shop "Ala'a Chocolate" to offer the most delicious homemade chocolates filled with nuts and other luxurious fillings.

Products Offered by “Ala’a Chocolate”

"Ala'a Chocolate" offers luxury Italian chocolate in several flavors, including milk, dark, and white chocolate. Chocolate is also offered with distinctive fillings such as roasted nuts, in addition to other fillings and flavors upon the customer's request.

Working in the chocolate industry requires a lot of time and effort, as it takes at least two hours for Mrs. Alaa to produce one box. This includes preparing the chocolate, the nuts, or fillings, then starting the manufacturing process until getting the final product.

Challenges Faced by “Ala’a Chocolate”

Despite some challenges that Mrs. Alaa faces in transporting and the process of making chocolate due to the high temperatures in the summer, she believes that chocolate is a delicious explosion of happiness, and for that, she hopes to expand in this field by adding new varieties of western sweets to the menu of her store.

Mrs. Alaa seeks through her store to present a positive image of housewives as active members of society. You can also be part of this and support "Ala'a Chocolate" by gifting yourself and your family the most delicious handmade chocolate available only at Souq Fann!

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Anything is good if it’s made of chocolateAfter ma