Ab3aad Story

Ab3aad is a 3D printing project founded by Mrs. Ronza Salameh. This project started by printing simple pieces for close people in her circle, and after a while, these products gained popularity and spread to reach a larger group of people. Mrs. Ronza decided then to create a social media page to showcase some of these pieces made to serve a large group of people. Although similar products might be found in the market, but "Ab3aad" products are made of different materials, in addition to their quality that made them stand out among others.

The name "Ab3aad" comes from the 3D printing technology that the store uses to produce different types of products. The store offers several 3D models with practical benefits, including home decor, accessories, and items frequently used in daily life. Not to mention that it also provides printing services for individual designs and graduation projects.

The process of producing any piece depends mainly on the design; this varies based on the piece size and the amount of plastic needed. However, any product goes through the following stages:

  • Firstly, the to-be-printed design is sent to the printer.

  • Adding a plastic material known as PLA, a safe and environmentally friendly material, to the printer.

  • Then the printer begins to melt the plastic and take successive tracks until the design is ready in its final shape.

As a unique and pioneering project in this field, challenges are inevitable. While the products offered by Ab3aad are widely available in the market at similar and sometimes lower prices, what distinguishes them is that they are made from scratch with a unique technology that is not widely known.

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Ab3aad is a 3D printing project founded by Mrs. Ro