Qutba w Hikaya

Qutba w Hikaya

Qutba w Hikaya Story

“To me, embroidery represented a Palestinian cultural legacy that had been passed down through the generations in our family. Everyone in the household I grew up in was skilled at embroidery. 

I've always had a long-standing relationship with embroidery. My ability to boldly and unconventionally combine colors and stitches made my embroidery stand out. And when I realized how much my stitching and embroidery would impact the lives of those around me, I decided to pursue a career in professional embroidery, which I regard as a form of fine art. 

Each item is embroidered with love and passion to be given as a gift to anyone celebrating big life's accomplishments.

Whether it is a new house, a new baby, a new place, a marriage, an engagement, or any life achievement, there was a narrative for every stitch I created.”

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Hand-embroidered pieces with patterns from the Pal