Medad Story

You can now add more elegance to your home through these paintings painted with Arabic calligraphy, provided by "Medad"!

First Steps of "Medad"

Abdul Rahman Marei is a talented Jordanian young man who masters the art of Arabic calligraphy. He mainly worked in medical rehabilitation and used art in therapeutic group sessions. He found great interaction with Arabic calligraphy in particular, which increased his love for this art.

Abd al-Rahman had cancer, and the inkwell, pens, and papers were his companions in his treatment, and this art helped him to overcome the stage of treatment of the disease. At that stage, Abd al-Rahman produced his first works and gifted them to family and friends, and he also gave gifts made by his hands on social occasions. The Arabic calligraphy paintings in particular were admired by the people around him, and those who knew him began to ask him to draw paintings, so he started selling until the demand for calligraphy paintings increased, so he studied Arabic calligraphy at the University of Jordan in a deep and comprehensive manner and received some sales courses and started his own project “Medad” since 2019.

Abdul Rahman named his project "Medad", which is the ancient Arabic name for the ink.

This project is based on making paintings drawn in Arabic calligraphy, and drawing through Arabic calligraphy on different materials and sizes that are presented with a frame, with the possibility of designing special works in innovative and attractive ways. In his project "Medad", Abd al-Rahman uses multi-material paper of cotton, linen or papyrus, which is polished manually using starch and egg whites. There are also acid-free organic papers with thicknesses of up to one and a half millimeters. 

The paintings are written with pens of reeds or wood of various origins, Egyptian, Turkish, Javanese and Iranian. Each type of pen has characteristics in terms of writing in bold and another for formation, including what is suitable for heavy or light inks. He also uses inks, most of which are of his own making, as they include gum arabic, honey, distilled water, and natural dyes.

Challenges Faced By "Medad"

Many of us face many obstacles when moving forward with our own project, but an ambitious person never gives up. The Medad project requires time and effort, but Abdel Rahman's passion made him enjoy making and designing his paintings, but he faces difficulty in expanding because he handles the entire process until delivery. Therefore, Abdel Rahman cooperated with Souq Fann in order to reach more people.

Get these distinctive pieces of art from "Medad", which are available on Souq Fann.

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Arabic calligraphy paintings.